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Rendance is a email list for discussion of Renaissance dance. The intended focus is dance reconstruction and related research, but discussion on any relevant topic is welcomed.

Rendance was founded on April 2nd, 1993, by Andrew Draskóy. List members have collaborated on contributions to an ftp archive which was replaced with this web site on July 5th, 1995. Resources created this way include a discography, and a comprehensive annotated bibliography. Translations of primary sources and other information have also been donated to the rendance archive. Further contributions and updates are welcome.

To join the list send a message to listserv@mun.ca with one line in the message body:

subscribe rendance Jane Smith
Substitute your real name for Jane Smith, please.

All other administrative requests, including sign-offs, should be sent to this address as well. For more information, see the summary of ListServ commands.

Archives of previous postings are available.

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